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Looking for a VP Engineering

2010 December 22
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by Coach Wei

Yottaa is looking for a Head of Engineering.

To apply, please send an email to coach at with the job’s title as the subject line. Tell us what your favorite color is, what make you really proud when running an engineering team, and, oh yeah, please include your resume too. Bonus points if you have a blog or twitter handle. Check out the details below.

At Yottaa, we are passionate about making the Web better, faster and smarter. We are focused on web performance optimization. We built deeply sophisticated technology and large distributed cloud systems. On the other side, we are passionate about hiding all these complexity away from users: with a clean UI, users can quickly get educated, make assessments, run benchmarks and carry out optimizations for their web sites, without getting lost in the technology maze that is powering the web. We are led by an experienced team of entrepreneurs and funded by top tier venture capital firms. We have offices in Boston and Beijing. You can take a look at what we have built so far at

We are looking for a head of engineering that can lead a team of 20-50 engineers. The team is made up of different disciplines (Web development, Networking, Distributed Computing, System and Application Design, Java, Ruby, C/C++, EC2, Open Source).

The ability to lead a team of 20+ with an extremely high talent concentration is critical. If you have a big brain, that’s great and we’d love to know that. More importantly, we are looking for someone who attracts even bigger brains.

Though you don’t have to be an expert in all technical areas, you need to have an understanding as well as an appreciation of the technology.

We are looking for a leader that can build and maintain a development culture that is highly productive as well as enjoyable to be a part of. The head of engineering needs to be able to help create a culture of people working for intrinsic goals rather than extrinsic ones.

We want someone that can implement an agile development process in an organization, and thrive in a distributed team environment.

Communication within the team as well as throughout the rest of the cross culture organization is a key component of the job. The ability to speak Chinese is important as is the understanding of US and Chinese cultures and how to work productively in both.

The location of this position is primarily based in Beijing, and requires a lot travel between Boston and Beijing.

We offer a competitive compensation package.

Interested in a lot of work, tons of challenges, and ups and downs as part of the normal course of life(at least it won’t be boring)? Interested in building something amazing and achieving something special? Let’s connect!

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