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Yottaa Looking for Web Engineers

2013 December 26
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by Coach Wei

Starting immediately, Yottaa is looking for Web Developers for our Boston office.

Web development, Ajax coding, web architect, ruby hacking, however you want to say it, you love to build amazing web apps! If you get fired up writing web applications that perform wonderfully across browsers, operating systems, languages and devices and your resulting maintainable code looks like well-documented poetry, then we want to talk to you.

To apply, please send an email to hr at with the job’s title as the subject line. Tell us what your favorite color is, what makes you smile and, oh yeah, please include your resume too. Bonus points if you tell us your twitter handle. Check out the details below.

Voted the most innovative cloud software company in Massachusetts, Yottaa offers businesses a comprehensive SaaS solution for optimizing visitor traffic from any browser, device, network or location, enabling them to significantly improve user engagement. Yottaa customers enjoy more conversions, lower abandonment rate, and deeper insights into optimizing key engagement metrics across the wired and wireless web. See more details at

We have a track record of innovation to build on and a strong desire to radically improve the Web. If you are passionate about web performance, front end engineering, and if you’ve ever wanted to have a big impact, this is it.

Attributes of successful candidates will include:

  • Strong background in Ruby, Java, and Javascript
  • Current and detailed knowledge of browser peculiarities
  • A disciplined approach to development, documentation and file structure
  • Strong visual design sense and excellent taste
  • A constant desire to improve, learn more and take things higher

Responsibilities of the position will include:

  • Coding new designs and updating, standardizing and re-factoring existing parts of the site
  • Creating sophisticated interfaces for in-browser applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Developing web applications using Ruby, Rails, Python, etc.
  • Contributing to the continual improvement of our design and development process
  • Working with marketing, product management and community/customer care in an agile environment for rapid iterations


  • Academic background in computer science (BSc or MSc)
  • Knowledge of web performance optimization
  • Knowledge of Amazon EC2, OpenStack
  • Knowledge of TCP/IP, Routing, SPDY, BGP, Anycast

Yottaa is committed to equal opportunity. We love robots, big data, solving difficult problems (and make them look easy), Red Sox, Patriots, etc. How about you?

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