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Hi! My name is Coach Wei, an Internet junkie who loves hanging out with great people while doing interesting projects along the way. My professional career started at EMC Corporation whom I joined right after I graduated from MIT. In 2000, I decided to leave EMC to start Nexaweb aiming for a richer and more interactive web. With over 7,000 enterprise deployments and has brought some of the most mission critical applications over the world to Web 2.0, Nexaweb is recognized as a pioneer in rich internet application and enterprise web 2.0. Since April 2009, I have been focused on “yottaa”. “Yottaa” is a Web Performance Optimization software company.


This website,, is a personal website and it is not an offering from any organization that the author is affiliated with:

  1. Ownership: All the work on this website, including (but not limiting to) articles, software, code, comments, graphics, diagrams, etc., are owned by the owner of this website, unless ownership is explicitly stated otherwise. They are products of the author’s own creation, not products of any organization that the author is affiliated with – unless stated otherwise;
  2. Independence: Opinions, viewpoints and comments on this website represent those of the author, not any organization that the author is affiliated with;
  3. Sponsorship and Donation: This website may accept donation or sponsorship from third party entities from time to time. A donation or sponsorship does not change the ownership and independent nature of the work from this website;

Please contact coachwei at immediately if you have comments or issues with the above mentioned legal aspects.


  • Yottaa: Yottaa is a cloud service company. We want to help make the web faster, better and smarter. With Yottaa, you can make your website or web application fast, scalable and robust with a few clicks.
  • Nexaweb: I am founder and Chairman of Nexaweb Technologies, an Enterprise Web 2.0 software company that I started in 2000;
  • I also an advisor to a few Boston area organizations (The ones with public links include TechStars and VisibleMeasures). These companies are pioneering and defining the landscape of new categories in the web 2.0 ecosystem.
  • My involvement with the above affiliated organizations abides by the corresponding IP and confidentiality agreements.

    Visitor Stats:

    This blog has a few hundred unique readers per day with over 20000 unique readers in October 2006. Some detailed data can be seen here. You may also want to take a look at my Sys-Con blog aggregation page:

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      I have a pretty good product. May I contact you to get some names of venture capitalist or private equity investors or investment banking who will be interested in my business plan and my product?

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